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Farmers share of their own produced electricity

The total area of livestock farms, poultry houses, cold stores, warehouses, villas and rural houses is about 1 million hectares. In our country, which has more than 300 sunny days, farmers are installing solar panels not only to provide electricity for farming and water wells, It also sells surplus power to the government and earns significant revenue.
Based on the incentives for investment in the renewable energy sector, some private sector actors have proposed plans to foreign investors. Issues such as how to help the environment through renewable energies were discussed at the 3rd Iranian Renewable Energy Conference.
The conference was held on October 17 and 18, with the aim of highlighting the issue of the localization of renewable equipment and the development of technology and innovation in international engagements, with the strengthening of research centers and knowledge-based companies in international communications and their involvement in renewable projects, to demonstrate Iran’s national determination to develop Renewable energies, creating a stable and planned image for investors, and emphasizing the role of renewable energies in fulfilling Iran’s international obligations to reduce greenhouse gases, were held at the Center for Audio and Television Conferences. The Deputy Minister of Energy at the conference approved the conditions for the export of electricity from renewable and clean non-state nuclear power plants abroad and the announcement of the support of the localization of the technology of renewable power plants. According to Iran’s commitment to the Paris Convention on Climate, carbon production should be reduced by 4% for 2030, in case of sanctions going on and12% if sanctions will be terminated.

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