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A Review of the Conference; Iran’s Growing Growth for a Big Market

Italy is one of the countries that has signed an agreement with Iran for € 25-27 billion, to be considered in Iran’s contracts. For this reason, Rouhani had a trip to Italy and Reni to travel to Iran. All of this investment came from Italian companies and companies in 2016 and 2017, most of them facing the problem of blocking the economy from big international banks, Especially those who used the loan. We then sought a solution and created an Italian company Global Investment, a company specializing in “Mutual Guarantees” against projects guaranteed by the Government of Iran. This conference was held in Milan, Italy on 17 March 1996, by the Confederation of Italian Industries -ASSOLOMBARDIA-, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Milan, and the deCAPOA & PARTNERS Legal Group, welcomed by Ms. Julia Repto, International and Commerce Officer of the Italian Confederation of Industry It hosted Italian companies interested in trading with Iran, Iranian businessmen, lawyers and bankers. It should be noted that on January 18, 2018, an agreement has been signed between the organization in Iran and its counterpart in Italy.

The agreement was set up to provide financial support and contributions from Italian companies to Iranian companies in some industrial sectors.

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