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Jahed Animal Breeding center; developer of Heavy livestock breeds in Iran

Paying attention to dairy and meat cattle is enough to provide a complete guide to dairy cattle and male breeds of cow from the world's most prestigious genetic reserves, as well as genomic male livestock feeds from Jahed's livestock breeding center. Livestock breeding seems to be possible through the selection and evaluation of genomic traps, the production and development of racial cattle compositions, the development of the use of artificial insemination and the development of the use of embryo transfer and intrauterine fertilization in a heavy livestock which is the result of self-sufficiency in the production of red meat. The booklet published by the company, entitled "Dairy Sire Directory 2018", carefully and in accordance with global standards, lists the full details of livestock and their bloodlines as a comprehensive genetic book that provides a scientific and informed selection for livestock breeders in the country. Has been developed.

It should be noted that in the first pages of this book, a list of genomic livestock products of the Jahed breeding center, entitled "NDG Genomic Trait Leders", has provided a selection platform for livestock breeders in Iran and other countries around the world

مدیر سایت

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