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Flower Fair of Iran in the Netherlands

For past years, Khazar Eurasia Co. has been working with engineer Ali Shahbazi with the aim of improving the standing and sustainability of flower, plant and greenhouse industry By organizing indoor flower and plant exhibitions -IGTF-, in April of each year at the permanent exhibition of Tehran’s international exhibitions and Participation in Valid Festivals of the Netherlands -in the area of ​​Weifhausen, Amsterdam- annually leads to the growth of Iran’s flower and ornamental plants.
The presence of 13 active companies in the field of flowers, plants and greenhouses, plant trade, research institutes, and form of the Iranian Pavilion at the Eleventh IFTF International Fair in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is the result of Mr. Shahbazi’s efforts.
At the same time, a panel of 60 Iranian gardeners, experts, managers,and investors from the private and cooperative sector in the field participated in the exhibition and during the visit to the stands and innovations of the industry with B2B talks and numerous meetings with their Dutch counterparts as well as flower industry activists from all over the world tried to expand their engagement with the outside world and discuss investment and export attraction.
Mr. Shahbazi believes that in view of the very good quality of Iranian flowers, the Iranian farmers should be able to find and supply their products to their customers and, on the other hand, to transfer technology and know-how to use it in the country.
At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Dr Jahangiri, Iran’s Ambassador to the Netherlands and Mr. Naraghi, Iran’s economic affiliate, met with the top producers of Iranian flowers and plants.
On the second day of the exhibition, the proposal of the Khazar Eurasia Company was agreed upon by the director of HPP, a contract between the Iranian Exhibitors’ Joint Stock Company -by Mr. Ghanbari, the Deputy manager of Iranian exhibition Co.- and IFTF Company. According to it, from the following year the IFTF company will place 200 m of the exhibition space free of charge to the exhibitors of Iran, and the Iranian Exhibitions Co. will take over 100 square meters of free booth for Dutch industry activists.
In the next issue, a comprehensive report will be given of the presence of the activists and flower attendants in the IFTF Netherlands showcase and interviews with the exhibitors.

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