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Sanctions are not over yet

If wheat is a strategic plant in the world, it is due to bread made from it, and all around the world researchers check shortage or abundance of food , in terms of producing the main food of the people.that is, bread. Engineer Alireza Morovatpour, managing director of Nanvaran Co., although not satisfied with the current conditions, but the national sweat of this domestic manufacturer is so much that its loyalty tells a clear and promising future. Also engineer Amin Morovatpour, ao Nanvaran Group’s chief executive, in partnership with Hyperbaric Company and in order to bring the technologies of not used in products produced in this store of preservatives, and products for newlyweds Production and distribution. The Kalana store is currently negotiating and drafting contracts for the construction of a factory and a store in neighboring foreign countries.

مدیر سایت

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