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Parsian Farakesht Production Group

Parsian Farakesht Company was founded in 2015 by Mr.Shahab Janspar with decades of experience in agriculture and animal husbandry and international trade. The two main objectives of the Parsian Farakesht and its experienced team are to solve the problem of water scarcity and the use of advanced and modern agricultural technology.

Mr. Gustavs Kaneps, representative of Silk Water Company and business partner of this company, told about the type of activity with this Iranian company, "Silk Water is a Georgia-based company that has over a decade of experience in the field of producing and distributing fruits and vegetables. The company has started its cooperation with Parsian since 1394. Our cooperation started with the initial consultation and later on the development of nine hectares of hydroponics greenhouses. Today, these collaborations are continuing on two topics: hydroponic cultivation and greenhouse construction with the participation of J.Huete Spain

مدیر سایت

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