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About one month after the departure of the United States and the imposition of severe sanctions, perhaps most of all, activists and entrepreneurs worried about agricultural industries, food and agricultural machinery. According to Ladan Maleki, executive director of Palar Samaneh and director of the Iran Agrofood Exhibition, this exhibition

is the largest trade event in the food and agricultural equipment industry in the Middle East, as it plays an important role in the technical and commercial exchanges and the familiarity of industry owners and Researchers and visitors, and more than 45,000 experts who attend the exhibition.

The strength of this year's Agrofood exhibition, which was held in more than 18 halls and open space (more than 75,000 square meters), should include the presence of more than 1,100 foreign and domestic companies, out of which 459 foreign companies from 31 countries, including Brazil , China, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland, Indonesia, UAE, Russia and others.


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