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Ups and downs of iranian agricultural stock exchange

The French word Bourse is mentioned in Dehkhoda dictionary, a marketplace where trading and transactions -especially securities- are carried out there. In 1460, the world’s first stock exchange listed in the city of Anvers, Belgium. The Law on the Establishment of Exchange in Iran was approved in 1345, and the Iranian Agricultural Commodity Exchange was established on the basis of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of 7/9/1380. Dr Hamed Sultan Nezhad, the director of the Iranian stock exchange, which is active in the field of agriculture, compares with other world markets. If the basis of comparison is the exchanges of the surrounding countries that are mainly active in the physical market, the stock exchange has the potential to reach Its main position, which is the transaction, is a significant share of agricultural products.

The perspectives and culture of business and business in our country have practically caused the fundamental difficulties in discovering the fair price of most agricultural products in the stock exchange. So far, I hope I can encourage all agricultural market players and policy makers to be aware of the legal capacity that facilitates their activity on stock exchanges as well as their duties.

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