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Currency exchange and its impact on agricultural products

Currency as an agent and facilitator of trade, export and import and sales

are among the most important variables affecting the economy and trade

of countries that are in a networked manner with the world, generally the

increase and decrease of exchange rates, caused by developments Political

and economic events that occur in the world, and the more economies of

a country are more stable, the currency and fluctuations resulting from it

are lower and the currency of the country is more powerful. Iran, as a country that has been a distant past of the center of trade and trade from China to Europe, is not excluded by any special political conditions after the revolution and the kind of relations with the world of trade from the effects of extreme changes in the exchange rate, any changes in the increase and The decline in the price of the currency directly affects the price of finished domestic products. The results of studies Fahimeh Zamani, MA of Agricultural Economics Department of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman using vector error correction and Johansson method show that exchange rate fluctuations with a long-term gap have a positive effect on agricultural sector exports. Therefore, policymakers should take advantage of policies that help stabilize the exchange rate.

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