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The language of diplomacy in agriculture

If the investment made in the agricultural sector is estimated at 300 thousand billion dollars, this huge amount of money with about 4 million users, and a high employment of 20% and different climatic conditions (country of four seasons) can and should account for more than 150 million tons of agricultural products and Healthy food (based on real numbers) will generate 80 and a million Iranian people and export a significant amount of crops, gardens and protein. The employment in this sector will reach about 30% of the country's population and will be engaged in agricultural diplomacy in Fatah al-Babah. Engineer Mohammad Reza Sharifi, an activist and entrepreneur of the agricultural sector who, after two decades of managing agricultural inputs and production with the aim of sustainable development of agriculture and increasing productivity, has been investing their material and spiritual capital and family in the first step to reform the agricultural infrastructure, production and provision of agricultural quality inputs R & D, R & D, farms and gardens, production of organic and healthy products.

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