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Livestock ; Prediction and implementation requirements

The heavy livestock industry has been around in Iran for more than 70 years, and it provides much of the country’s meat needs, while the livestock industry is still at the top of the road, despite the high demand in Iran, the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad as an industrial trustee

The livestock has started a long-standing effort on this issue for several years and has been considered by the working group. One of the general and strategic plans of the Monthly magazine “Livestock and Cultivation Industry” is the design of such issues that, if implemented revolutionarily, improve the livelihoods and increase the index

of per capita production. Engineer Amir Taheri Yeganeh, head of

the Animal Breeding and Nursery Department and the Animal

Breeding and Improvement Center, said that the requirements

for the state system should be “said that part of the plans for

industrial livestock breeding to be carried out in the public

sector” The need for timely provision of predictable credits, such

as cost, loan, capital and liquidity facilities, and profit benefits,

will be necessary for the successful implementation of these


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